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Futanari videos

Futanari videos

3d hentai shemales porn

3D shemale porn

Are you kinda tired/bored of looking/masturbating at the same 2D shemale anime porn? Well, I have the solution for ya! Here’s a couple of futanari videos I’ve found on the net featuring big cock shemale 3D girls fucking each other. There’s some jerking off action and shemale to female penetration. Fun for the whole family! (or maybe not, lol). I wish there was more 3D futanari porn available on the internet, it’s pretty hard to find. There are a couple of hentai games I found but they are kinda buggy. I’ll try to find copies that work.

I also have more futa videos to share, but I have to find the time to upload them (been pretty busy lately). And they are also pretty heavy, I have a sucky connection, unfortunately :(

In the meanwhile, if you want more shemale anime porn, I can suggest you this site:

Hentai Niche - Dickgirl

Uncensored anime porn featuring dickgirls, tentacles and much more! Instant access

They have tons of porn there. It’s an awesome premium site. They even offer you access to other sites like Hentai Video World and 3D Hentai Video

Highly recommended :)

Futanari videos and 3D hentai shemales

Hey friends! I’ve just found some movies of free futanari videos to share with you! They are all awesome and pretty hot! I’ve just found one in 3D, the full movie is pretty hardcore and well made. If you want so see more, I suggest you to join Futafan for more of this kind of porn.

They update very frequently their site with new futanari videos and hentai shemales. I highly recommend them


Click here to watch futa hentai videos

But the best thing about Futafan is that you don’t have to look around for more futa hentai around the web, it’s pretty much all there. It will save you time to do other things, like… mmm. Fapping with your two hands maybe? LOL

So yeah, I highly suggest you to visit Futafan, they have futanari series like Angel Blade, Bible Black, Viper GTS and much more.

But I really suggest you to watch first the Bible Black series, I love it. It’s pretty much THE futa hentai series by excellence, the best on its genre: they have around 20 episodes in total if you take in count all the sequels, prequels and blablabla. Of course, they are some ‘normal’ sex scenes, but you’ll see a lot of futanari hentai action there. I guarantee. But I also like very much Viper GTS, they have some great looking animation, the only bad thing is the lack of episodes, but oh well. You can’t have everything in life… :(

So yeah, there’s not a lot of free futanari videos on the internet as much as there are mangas, but there are quite a few that are around. There’s also this new trend of 3D hentai shemales that I’m liking quite a bit, but it’s very recent and it doesn’t have as much of a offering as the traditionally animated ones. Still, it’s worth a look (if you can find them, that is). My main concern is that almost all of them are censored since they are coming from Japan and they are still to be licensed in the United States, or Europe, but I think that in a few years we could start to see some legit uncensored releases, after all, we live on a globalized world. Right?

There’s a shit load of those futa hentai videos in here, I suggest you to visit it. It’s awesome!

Hope you like these free futanari videos. There’s more hentai shemales were this came from

Happy fapping! (and don’t get too hard on your fella LOL)



Click here to watch more futanari videos and hentai shemales here

Shemale Hentai movies

Hey guys! I’ve found a cool website with a shit load of shemale hentai videos!

It’s called FutaFan. It’s being run by a bunch of futanari fanboys that collects all the shemale hentai available on the web and they put all their treasure in that site. It’s pretty awesome.

You don’t need to lurk anymore on the internet for some nice looking anime shemale ;)… However, some of the movies in their website are from yaoi series featuring traps, but who cares right? A hole is a hole… Anyways, I’ve selected some of their best clips for you to look on them (for free, of course).

Yeah, some futa-on-futa action right there… ;)

A cute blonde girl sucking off a anime dickgirl. Looks like she’s enjoying herself :P

A blonde futa girl sucking off a huge cock :D

Hot futa bitch forcing a whore to choke on her cock. hehe

If you want to get access to their site they ask for 1 U$S  payment, which is pretty cheap actually for all they got.

You can download them or watch these futanari videos directly on their website.